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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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A.  Goals and Objectives: (Continued)
Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

o Award fellowships to students who combine language and area studies
with professional studies;

o Award fellowships to students studying the less commonly taught languages
and cultures of non-Western countries;

o Award fellowships to students or faculty members enrolled in advanced,
intensive foreign language programs.

Business and International Education

o Promote innovation and improvement in international business education
curricula and increase the international skills of the business community
through linkages between institutions of higher education and the busi-
ness community.

The International Research and Studies Program

o To emphasize the improvement of foreign language instruction through

B.  Progress and Accomplishments

Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Programs

o All funded projects included a component designed to strengthen and
improve undergraduate instruction in modern foreign languages.

o Two funded projects, including one submitted by the American Association
of Colleges for Teacher Education, incorporated an international perspec-
tive into the core program of professional studies for teachers. The
Educational Testing Service will conduct a series of workshops to train
teachers of French, German, and Spanish in oral proficiency testing

o Many projects included computer assisted instruction in foreign languages,
or use Inter-active TV instructional systems for the teaching of inter-
national studies and foreign languages.

National Resource Centers

o Additional funds were allocated for work on proficiency testing using
the most recent guidance from the Americn Council on the Teaching of
Foreign Languages. Proficiency testing was Included as a priority
activity for the Centers applying for FY 1985 funding.

o Technical assistance and comments on non-competing continuation applica-
tions for FY 1984 stressed the need to improve 1ntra-university linkages,
particularly with professional schools.e and area